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Learn, perfect, and perform the top gymnastics, cheer, and dance moves at our immersive and supportive gymnastics gyms in Garner, NC. Our caring and skilled coaches have a depth of experience and prepare our students with safer practicing techniques, professional maneuvers, and an environment that supports growth from the foundational level. In our fun, balanced, and well-designed programs, we focus on proven training techniques that enable our students to advance quickly and develop lifelong talents and confidence in performance. Our encouraging environment welcomes collaboration, is a safe place to practice without fear of judgment, and teaches students to rely on each other for enhanced growth potential. 

We Offer The Following Programs:

  • Dance Teams
  • Cheer Teams
  • Gymnastics Classes
  • Ninja Classes

Our gymnastics, cheer teams, and dance teams support a broad range of goals and aspirations. By keeping our gymnastics, competitive cheerleading, and competitive dance classes lighthearted and filled with creative activities, our students are free to practice without limits.

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Our gymnastics gyms feature the latest safety features and innovative training equipment. We empower our students with everything they need to succeed and provide in-depth guidance for any age or skill level. With many tumbling classes, cheer teams, and dance teams to choose from, finding a group that suits your specific goals is simple. We’re regularly updating our class schedule with exciting new opportunities in Garner, NC, so you can achieve success with gymnastics, cheer, or competitive dance at your own pace and convenience. 

Since we have an entire team of professional coaches ready to assist in Garner, NC, our students receive personalized training and guidance. We’re focused on proper technique, and never pressure our students to perform maneuvers they’re not prepared for. Our seasoned coaches understand that confidence in performance takes time, and practice patience, hands-on guidance, and proven methods for keeping our students engaged, comfortable, and motivated. 

For our youngest gymnasts, our tumbling for toddlers classes is a fun way to learn improved coordination and balance. We offer a ton of fun activities for our little tumblers, and provide trustworthy supervision, snacks, and ensure safety is always the number one priority. With low-risk gymnastics in our ultra-padded gym, our toddler students become stronger, have fun tumbling with new friends, and have something to look forward to every week! 

Our all-star competitive cheerleading and competitive dance programs prepare students for great things. We openly share our years of extensive experience with students and utilize proven team-building strategies to maximize our student’s potential. When our students are excited to learn, perfect, and perform together, we’ve found that students challenge each other to succeed and grow beyond their capabilities. 

Many of our students learn valuable life lessons while training at Vault Academy. In our top classes, students develop improved team communication, strong work ethics, and maintain a higher level of motivation while working together. Along with the new friendships and support they’ll receive from their teammates, our coaches continuously offer kind, professional, and proven expertise as their skills progress from beginner to advanced.

Find Affordable Cheer & Tumbling Classes in Garner, NC

We’re passionate about providing cheer, dance, and gymnastics in Raleigh, NC that is accessible to all students. We have a variety of convenient locations and do our best to create fun and engaging classes and camps that our students look forward to. 

In our immersive camp experiences, our students learn a variety of versatile gymnastics, dance, and cheer skills. We combine our best training with creative crafts, engaging activities, and fun themes that motivate our students to grow in their favorite programs. 

If you’re new to gymnastics, dance, or cheer, we offer a free first-time student class to discover all that Vault Academy has to offer. If you’d like to learn more about our programs, training experience, or regularly updated class schedules, give our helpful coaches a call today. We’re excited to help you learn, perfect, and perform with the best coaching in North Carolina! 

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