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At Vault Academy, our students experience professional coaching, an encouraging environment, and make new friends while having fun! Our balanced approach to gymnastics, cheerleading, and competitive dance training leads to full-body strength, increased flexibility, and improved social skills through proven team-building exercises. We’re passionate about creative training, and many of our students go on to accomplish great feats as they learn, perfect and perform in their favorite programs. We provide everything our students need to excel; we have state-of-the-art gymnastics equipment, all-star competitive cheerleading training, and pair our students with dance teams and cheer teams of similar age and skill levels for maximum growth.

Why Come To Vault Academy?

With years of experience helping students in Benson, NC flourish, our gymnastics, dance teams, and cheerleading students develop healthy lifestyle habits like motivation, perseverance, and confidence while attending our programs. If you’re excited to start, continue, or succeed in gymnastics, dance, or cheer at Vault Academy in Benson, NC, you’ll find:

  • Variety of Programs
  • Affordable Prices
  • Experienced Professionals
  • Great Opportunities
  • Learn & Grow in Dance, Cheer, Gymnastics & More
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We strive to bring out the best in our student’s natural abilities. By focusing on fundamentals like balance, full-body strengthening, and techniques for safer training, our students develop stronger foundations. We’re motivated to keep our students engaged and excited because when our students enjoy coming to gymnastics, dance teams, or cheer, they learn to remain focused and push themselves to grow beyond their limits. 

Professional cheerleading coaching is essential for effective teamwork, proper technique, and establishing confidence while performing. Our cheer programs combine all of the most important elements of training within a safe and encouraging environment. We feature ultra-plush gymnastics padding, provide excellent team-building strategies, and encourage our students to support each other throughout the process. 

With our cheer team-building exercises, our students develop lasting social skills and lifelong resilience. Outside of cheerleading, the valuable lessons our students acquire help them navigate the challenges of daily life with renewed focus and strength. Since competitive cheerleading involves risky maneuvers, coordinated collaboration, and a willingness to push through challenges, our cheer teams are supported unconditionally by our experienced coaches. We know how tough cheerleading can be and hope to become a second home for our students where they can openly share, practice without fear of judgment, and learn to perform at a higher level with a professional coach guiding them every step of the way. 

Our tumbling classes are the perfect opportunity for anyone new to gymnastics or for students hoping to learn and grow with experienced coaching. We’re focused on gradually progressing through maneuvers and provide hands-on guidance until tumbles, flips, and balancing is perfected. Just like our top cheer and competitive dance classes, our gymnastics in Smithfield, NC feature diverse strengthening, flexibility, and balance training with every session.

As the safest place to practice in Benson, NC, we even offer tumbling classes for toddlers. In our creative and fun environment, our students receive our full attention and guidance. We provide 100% supervision, provide snacks and creative activities, and focus on simple, low-risk gymnastics activities. Our students learn improved coordination, awesome gymnastics maneuvers, and have the time of their lives while tumbling from mat to mat!

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Our best programs in Benson, NC work around your schedule! We have a ton of top classes, teams, and training camps to choose from. Whatever age, skill, or program your student is interested in, we’ll gladly help you find the right fit. We even provide our first-time students with a free training session to discover all that Vault Academy has to offer. 

If you’d like more information about our flexible training schedules and programs, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly coaches today. Our welcoming atmosphere is the perfect place to practice, and we’re excited to help our students bring out the best of their abilities in an environment that’s safe, fun, and always encouraging!

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