Summer Camp Events

All Camps will include Warm ups, Stretching, Arts/Crafts, obstacle courses that will build strength and muscle.  We do teach the basics of tumbling at these camps, however due to the number of kids we do not teach higher than the basics. We want our camps to be fun, safe, and enjoyable for all ages.   We are excited to keep offering summer camps and hope that your child will join us on our adventures.

Ages 4-12 (must be potty trained) are invited. You can choose a full-day experience of 9:30 am to 2:30 pm or you can come for the morning 9:30 am to 12:00 pm. 

Max sign-up allowed– 20
Camp cost– $125
Deposit– $25

Princess & Pirate Camp

June 6th-9th

Calling all fair maidens and scallywags.  Come and join us for an adventure that will build your muscles and your tumbling abilities all while doing fun and challenging obstacle courses.

Super Hero Camp

June 20th-23rd

Want to learn how to save the day?? Then this camp is perfect for you, we will work on strengthening our bodies and our tumbling skills, all while doing interactive obstacle courses.

Olympic Games Camp

July 18th-21st

How do you become an Olympian?? This camp will be the perfect place to start. We will have a variety of fun obstacle courses and Olympic style games that will bring you that much closer to a gold medal. 

Board Game Camp

July 25th-28th

Been a little board this summer?? Come and join us for our last Summer camp.
This camp will be anything but boring as you play board games, and go through game inspired obstacle courses, all while developing your tumbling skills and building muscle to become a better player in all aspects of life.

Additional Information:

We ask that all children are able to use the restroom on their own, staff cannot help assist the child in the bathroom. We will also not allow a child to have a cellphone during camp, we have a phone here at the gym if parents are needing to speak with their child.

We will only allow 20 kids in every class, once the camp is full we can put you on a waiting list in case a child drops.

Because of the high demand for camp we are asking you to make a nonrefundable deposit to reserve your spot at time of sign up.

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